Hi hi, I’m Renske Beuving, an independent Visual Storyteller based in Eindhoven. My expertise lies in Illustration, Animation, and Graphic Design, where I strive to bring each story to life in its own unique way.

Stories have always been an integral part of my life, manifesting in various forms. Whether I’m immersed in books, creating narratives in games, or crafting my own tales, I have an insatiable desire to explore and share these captivating experiences. While my grammar may falter at times and spelling remains a challenge, storytelling is where my true strengths lie. I have the ability to captivate audiences, breathe life into my words, and create a genuine connection with readers.

(It’s worth noting that I don’t actually write stories with a pen, but let’s indulge in the romanticism for a moment. We all know that, for most people, writing has gone digital.)

For me, this is the reality despite having Dyslexia. It may seem peculiar that someone with dyslexia has such a passion for reading and writing, while constantly wrestling with the written word. However, it is precisely this struggle that has fueled my determination to excel in the world of storytelling.

Above all else, I believe that the story itself is the heart of any creative expression. Before I embark on a project, I must have a story to guide my creative process. Sometimes a simple sentence or idea is enough for smaller illustrations or projects. However, for larger endeavors, I prefer to fully understand the story before delving into the visualization process. This approach leads me to experiment with various materials and styles, as I believe each story has its own unique visual language. As a result, my portfolio comprises a diverse collection of styles, looks, and atmospheres, rather than a single defined signature. The common thread that binds them all is the unwavering emphasis on storytelling.