Mr. KittyCat

Mr. KittyCat a non-verbal comic

Mr. KittyCat is a delightful series of small comics that revolves around the mischievous antics of my own cat. Inspired by his curious nature and tendency to engage in peculiar behavior, I embarked on the creative journey of capturing his adventures through the medium of comics. What sets these comics apart is the unique approach I adopted, wherein Mr. KittyCat himself narrates his stories to me. Through his expressive eyes, dynamic clothing, and body movements, I strive to convey his experiences and bring his vibrant personality to life on the pages.

In the process of creating these comics, I challenged myself to convey the narrative solely through visual means, eliminating the need for textual content. By relying solely on the expressive power of Mr. KittyCat’s eyes, the subtle nuances of his clothing choices, and the dynamic movements of his body, I aim to communicate the essence of each situation and evoke emotions in the readers. This approach not only adds a layer of artistic intrigue to the comics but also allows for a universal appeal, as the visual storytelling transcends language barriers and resonates with a broader audience. So join me in the captivating world of Mr. KittyCat, where words are replaced by expressive visuals that capture the essence of feline adventures.

Within the creative process of developing the Mr. KittyCat comics, I found myself inspired to design a charming pattern for a bag. The design captures the playful spirit of Mr. KittyCat, featuring his iconic outfits and quirky charm. Whether it’s for carrying books, groceries, or everyday essentials, this bag adorned with the unique Mr. KittyCat pattern is sure to bring a touch of feline whimsy to anyone’s day.