Ivanov Redesign

Boek in Beeld

To bring a fresh perspective to several Dutch books, I had the opportunity to contribute to the “Boek in beeld” exhibition, which translates to “Book in View.” Within this context, I took on the challenge of creating a new book cover for “Ivanov” by Hanna Bervoets. In my design, I aimed to capture the intricate web of deceptions that unfolded throughout the story. The maze-like pattern that forms the backdrop of the cover symbolizes the complexities and twists that the characters navigate. At the center of the design, the figure of a monkey emerges, strategically placed to highlight its significance within the narrative. This enigmatic creature holds a vital role, making multiple appearances throughout the book and serving as a key element in unraveling its themes.

By crafting a visually compelling book cover, my intention was to entice readers to delve into the depths of “Ivanov” and experience the enthralling journey within. Through the fusion of design and symbolism, I sought to encapsulate the essence of the story, inviting readers to explore the captivating world of deception, human connections, and the enigmatic presence of the monkey.

Client: Verkade Fabriek
Date: 2018