Den Draad

Collaborating with talented animators Kim Willemsen and Jonna Philippa, I had the privilege to contribute to an exhibition that paid homage to the stories of World War 1. Our collective decision was to bring alive three captivating narratives that revolved around the wire fence separating the Netherlands and Belgium. This wire, infused with a constant electric current, proved to be a formidable obstacle, tragically claiming numerous lives despite the absence of an active war between our country and Germany.

Within this evocative project, I took on the responsibility of crafting the first part of the animation. From meticulously designing and animating scenes that captured the tension and significance of the wire fence, to creating the captivating title screens that seamlessly transitioned between the different segments, my aim was to immerse the audience in the historical context and evoke a deep emotional connection. By weaving together the visual storytelling elements, we hoped to shed light on the tragic impact of the wire fence and honor the lives lost during this tumultuous period.

Client: Huis Doorn: Monumentale Verhalen
Date: 2018

For a glimpse into my creative process, I’ve selected two videos that shed light on my work. The first video offers a concise explanation of the infamous Dead Wire, delving into its historical significance. The second video provides insights into the meticulous steps I undertook to bring my portion of the animation to life. These videos provide a glimpse behind the scenes, revealing the research, design, and dedication invested in this meaningful project.